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    Available Coatings

    • Organic 1.5 Hard, the basic coating for lens hardening and resistance to scratches.
    • UV 400, the ideal coating adapted to the needs of people. Anti-reflective properties, resistance to scratches and easy cleaning.
    • Anti Glare, anti-reflective, anti-scratch coating with hydrophobic and lipophobic properties.
    • Super Anti Glare, for ultimate clarity, scratch resistance and UV protection.
    • 10 €per pair of lenses
    • 44 €per pair of lenses
    • 68 €per pair of lenses
    • 92 €per pair of lenses

    Refractive index (thickness of lenses)

    • The 1,6  Thin lens is up to 30% thinner than the organic lens 1.5 Hard. It is suitable for low refractive errors.
    • The 1,67 Extra Thin lens delivers ultimate clarity and visibility . It is suitable for moderate & high refractive errors.
    • The 1,74 Super Extra Thin lens is the thinnest lens on the market for very high refractive errors. Its advantage is improved peripheral vision and a significant reduction in the "magnification" effect of the eyes.
    • 0 €per pair of lenses
    • 34 €per pair of lenses
    • 64 €per pair of lenses
    • 94 €per pair of lenses

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